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theatrchica's Journal

$.02 canary, 42nd street, 91x, a new brain, abercrombie and fitch, acting, adam pascal, ahrens and flaherty, alice ripley, aly-boo, andrew lippa, audra mcdonald, bat boy the musical, bernadette peters, best in show, bette midler, black eyed peas, bob fosse, boston, brad pitt, brian patrick collins, brian stokes mitchell, bridget jones' diary, britney spears, broadway, bryn dowling, cabaret, cal poly, candy, cary grant, charlies angels, charmian carr, chicago, chuck the percussionist, clarissa explains it all, cole porter, company, corvette diner, crazy for you, dancing, dave matthews, disney, disneyland, dr. seuss, drinking, earth wind and fire, emily skinner, ewan mcgregor, footloose, frank sinatra, friends, funny girl, gene kelly, georgia nicholson, gershwin, guys and dolls, gypsy, hairspray, harmony, harry potter, helen keller, hey dude, hot hot heat, hugh grant, hunter foster, idina menzel, indiana jones, into the woods, jamba juice, jason robert brown, jazz, jennifer laura thompson, jimmy eat world, joey's jokes, john coltrane, judy garland, junior theatre, kerry butler, kristin chenoweth, laughing, lea salonga, little shop of horrors, london, malcolm gets, matt caplan, matt morrison, matthew broderick, matthew morrison, matthew teague miller, mel brooks, merry art pranksters, monty python, moulin rouge, musical theatre, musicals, nathan lane, national comedy theatre, neil simon, new york city, nicole kidman, ocean beach, once on this island, playbill, rippledink, salute your shorts, san diego, san diego junior theatre, saturday night live, scripps ranch, sean hayes, sephora, sex, shirley temple, shopping, sigma kappa, singing, skiing, starbucks, stephen schwartz, stephen sondheim, susan stroman, sutton foster, tanning, tap, taye diggs, the killers, the last five years, theatre, thoroughly modern millie, ultimate strip frisbee, urinetown, waiting for guffman, wild party, will and grace, winnie cooper, zombie prom